本文摘要:HONG KONG — Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce titan, has always had a capricious streak when it comes to strategic investments and acquisitions.香港——在战略投资和并购方面,中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴的展现出向来难以捉摸。


HONG KONG — Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce titan, has always had a capricious streak when it comes to strategic investments and acquisitions.香港——在战略投资和并购方面,中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴的展现出向来难以捉摸。In the last two years, it has put money into insurance and finance, motion pictures, brick-and-mortar retailing and even a soccer franchise.过去的两年里,它投资了保险和金融、电影、实体零售,甚至还有一家足球俱乐部。Now it is cooperating with yet another unlikely partner: a Chinese state-owned arms and machinery producer, the China North Industries Corporation, or Norinco.现在,它与另一个看起来不有可能的公司沦为了合作伙伴:中国兵器工业集团,一家国有武器和机械生产商。

In a post on its website on Wednesday, Norinco said each of the two would hold a stake of 50 percent in Qianxun Weizhi Internet, a joint venture worth 2 billion renminbi, or about $310 million.本周三,兵器工业集团在官网上的一篇文章中回应,它和阿里巴巴合资正式成立千寻方位网络有限公司,公司注册资本20亿元人民币,双方各占到50%的股权。Norinco — which has faced nonproliferation sanctions from the United States government over the last decade — appears to be an odd partner for Alibaba. But the cooperation shows how China’s largest Internet companies are trying to improve government relations by supporting state projects.在过去十年中,兵器工业集团曾遭美国政府的防扩散制裁。对于阿里巴巴而言,它或许是个怪异的合作伙伴。

但从这个合作中可以显现出,中国仅次于的互联网公司如何通过反对国有项目来谋求提高政府关系。In this case, the project is Beidou, a satellite navigation system that is China’s domestically developed answer to GPS.这个合作的项目是“北斗”,一套中国自律研发的卫星导航系统,相等于GPS。The new company, according to the post, will build applications and technology to support and work with the system. It will also show Alibaba’s support of broader Chinese industrial policy.网站上的文章表明,新的公司将建构应用程序和技术,来为北斗系统获取反对和合作。

这也展出了阿里巴巴对更加普遍的中国产业政策的反对。Beidou has high-level government support and has attracted billions in investment, partly because of Beijing’s concerns that the United States could disable GPS signals in China, damaging the capabilities of its satellite-guided weapons.北斗系统取得了政府高层的反对,更有了数以十亿计美元的投资,原因之一是北京担忧美国重开在中国的GPS信号,巩固中国卫星制导武器的能力。To ensure the viability of Beidou, the Chinese government has sought to increase the number of commercial users of the technology, even though the system is incomplete and GPS has a 95 percent share of the Chinese market.即使北斗系统并不原始,而且GPS在中国占据95%的市场份额,但为了保证北斗的可行性,中国政府仍然努力提高这项技术的商业用户数量。

The Chinese authorities have been slowly rolling out new rules that mandate the system’s use. In 2013, China’s transportation authority ordered all long-distance buses and vehicles transporting “dangerous articles” in nine provinces to install the system. Heavy trucks must also have the system, and the government has installed it in more than 50,000 Chinese fishing boats.中国政府仍然在动物会实施强迫用于北斗系统的新规。2013年,中国交通运输管理局拒绝九个省的所有长途客车和“危险物品”载运车辆加装该系统。



“Alibaba Group participated in this location-based services project in light of our strength in cloud computing and big data,” Alibaba’s spokeswoman, Melanie Lee, wrote in an email. “We hope to be able to provide businesses and developers with better location-based services.”“阿里巴巴集团显然参予方位网项目,基于在云计算和大数据方面累积的能力,”阿里巴巴发言人梅拉妮·李(Melanie Lee)在邮件中写到。“期望为企业和开发者获取更加优质的位置服务。”In the early 2000s, Norinco was hit with sanctions by the Bush administration for the transfer of dual-use technologies to a company involved in Iran’s ballistic missile program. According to the State Department, the sanctions lapsed in the mid-2000s.21世纪初,兵器工业集团因将军民两用技术移往给一家参予伊朗弹道导弹项目的公司,遭布什政府的制裁。

据美国国务院,制裁措施月底2000年代中期过热。Norinco is one of China’s largest arms exporters and more recently attracted headlines when it delivered the first part of an arms shipment to South Sudan last summer. The Chinese government halted the remainder of the order.兵器工业集团是中国仅次于的武器出口商,最近因为去年夏季向南苏丹载运首批武器沦为新闻头条。中国政府取消了剩下的订单。